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Our Father…

I woke up exactly 12:46pm this afternoon. That was a good 12-hour sleep. Something I haven’t had in a long time.

I had a conversation with a friend via IM, Saturday evening. We were joking about ‘defiled beds’ and praying on such beds when I hinted that I wasn’t a Christian. Her response – “that’s very foolish”. Then next thing – “1 more person I need to pray for”. LOL. Maybe I dont know how things work but I’d like to think if I were God, I would dis-own such a Christian. But then, that’s probably why I’m not God… or probably a reason why there’s no ‘God’.

Now, dont get me wrong. I’m not atheist. I was brought up in a Christian home. My dad was a priest, and my mum was a chorister. We attended Deeper Life Bible Church. I still respect some of the church’s values even though I don’t actively attend it anymore – the numerous reasons for this will be discussed some other time. At some...

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Hello world!

A true Hello World indeed!

This is my first post on this blog. Never mind the older posts – I imported those from my previous Windows Live Spaces and blogs.

This blog will give you an insight into the weird and lonely life of a programmer, and his frequent disappointing encounters with the real-world. By the way, I just love this theme. It’s so simple… and it defines me, I guess. Don’t have much to say apart from reminding you to add this page to your RSS reader.

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Black N82 – Now official!

The Black N82 is now official and comes with Location tagging out of the box.

This jet black multimedia computer enables people to “geotag” the images they capture – allowing them to not only be saved by date, but by location as well.

Taking advantage of its integrated A-GPS functionality and high resolution camera, the Nokia N82 automatically tags images with capture location metadata, making it possible to view the capture location on a map either on the Internet or on the device itself. When it comes to sharing, consumers can upload their pictures or videos directly from their Nokia N82 to services like Share on Ovi, Flickr or YouTube. By installing Nokia’s exclusive and free Sports Tracker application, consumers can share their whereabouts and travel route with others on the Sports Tracker website – including the capture locations of images.

Now, if only Nokia would let me trade...

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Hard-reset your N82

Has something weird happened to your device, or is it behaving strangely – unlike when you first got it? Then re-installing the OS might be the last option. But what about your messages, contacts and all the goodies you have installed on it?

Yes, your messages contacts and everything on your phone memory will be lost. And I mean it – erased. You might want to back up to your memory card though, as that will remain intact. Using the backup to memory card utility is advised, or better still backup your stuff to your PC using PC Suite.

When you’re done, you have to do the following.

  • Type *7370 from the standby screen while your phone is on.
  • It will ask for the lock code which is 12345 unless you have previously changed it.
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Re-install all of your applications and themes.

This should correct any problems you may previously have. Except some hardware has...

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Yahoo now loves N82 :)

Thanks to one of my readers for the information, Yahoo! GO is now supports the N82. The version supported is the 3.0beta according to this list. Who needs version 2.0 anyway?!

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Yahoo! Go 3.0beta still doesn’t support N82

Earlier this month, sometimes between 4th and 6th, Yahoo released a beta version of their next-generation mobile application which is now more like a widget platform.

This means that developers can write mobile applets and plug it into the Yahoo Go application, thus expanding the options of the average consumer. Funny enough, Yahoo still doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the N82 device. Hmm… what’s wrong?

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Copy and paste: Lost, but found

When i first got the N82, I was wondering where the heck did the ‘edit’ button go? I discovered that buried within the menu were editing options which included copy and paste. This new method was just too cumbersome for me, but I kept mum.

Today, while trying to send a text message, I unintentionally left my finger on the ‘’ key and lo and behold, the ‘edit’ options came on screen. So folks, the ‘Edit’ button is back – but with a hash look.

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Exchange now available for N82

Now its an official bye bye to Windows Mobile handhelds. Nokia’s Mail for Exchange now features support for both the N77 and N82.

Although no other feature was added to the previous version apart from support for both phones which makes it a minor update, its still a major one for us N82 users and it can be downloaded here.


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Yahoo! There’s a phone called the N82 please.

Just got my shiny new N82 and couldn’t wait to try out Yahoo! GO on it. I hooked up to the Internet via WiFi, navigated to Yahoo! GO’s homepage and got a message telling me my phone wasn’t supported when I tried the download – WTF?!

I checked up their site and realized Nokia N82 wasnt listed among supported phones. Well, I wanted to write their customer care to notify them of the phone’s existence, LOL. I didnt find one – maybe I wasnt patient enough.

I’ll be posting reviews as time goes on about the N82 in this space. Just in case, it costs nothing to add the RSS to your favorite aggregator.

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Freedom of speech

What in heavens will get a politician’s daughter scared when she sees her name on someone’s blog?! I aint saying no more than that, but I think if i can pen it down in my diary, then I can put it up here. Does anyone disagree? Anyways, hope you guys are enjoyin’ ur new year celeberations – with freedom of expression of course!

I think I’ll be more regular now with my blog postings this year (My own new year resolution). 1 post per day! Remember the ‘one post a day’ tournament that held last November, thank heavens I didnt participate! I’d have been the worst contestant. Well, I think its time for me to express my freedom of speech to its maximum.

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