The following paragraphs lack coherence of any kind.

Humans suck. There is a reason why I really don’t have people I call friends. Guys I occasionally hang out with are mostly colleagues or acquaintances. Most times, I just want to run away from everything to a faraway plain, with my cats of course.

I like to think of myself as homosexual, or bisexual, or bicurious, or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. No, I’m yet to have my first sexual experience with a guy, mostly because none of my friends are willing. There is this colleague of mine that gives me a hard-on anytime I picture him rubbing my thighs. Thankfully, he actually does this. But he doesn’t know it actually excites me.

I’ve always wanted to own an owl simply because they can turn their necks about 270 degrees from side to side. I’m yet to see one for sale on this side of the world but…I will settle for a parrot, or two.

Oh, if you’ve at one point or the other engaged in a blogger vs. “twitterer” fight, you should get your cranium checked.

Once upon a time, I thought I could rap. Forget that was ever typed.

I have a problem with multitasking. Surprisingly, I was good at it about 3 years ago. Right now, it’s difficult for me to shift focus from one project to attend to another. Needless to say, this has affected my income as a substantial part of it previously came from completing non-office work. The only project I’m currently directly involved in at work is actually one that demands that I totally commit myself to it so I can’t really help it right now.

Sometime in July, my Galaxy S’ screen cracked and I had to send it in for repairs. About 2 weeks and N33,000 later, I got the phone back from Samsung Care. I already had my eye on the Galaxy S II so I sold the S as soon as I got it back…for N40,000. Considering the fact that a new one went for N60,000, there was really no way I could have sold it at a higher cost. I counted my loses and moved on, bought the S II for N102,000 and misplaced it the next day. Nevermind, I’ve done the whole flogging myself already. The good Samaritan who found the phone is using it though, instead of trying to track down it’s previous owner. Who can blame him? Its the S II we are talking about here. However, the thief accesses the marketplace with my account, meaning that he (or she) didn’t even bother to restore the phone to factory settings. According to my marketplace account, this device was still active as at September 21.

I would probably have to pay for this randomness in future, but who cares?

Fuck Boko Haram.


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