Crudcast: A holiday special

I did promise I would publish my writings more frequently in the new year, but perhaps writing a new post immediately after the last is only going to raise expectations. I’m fine with that. :)

Earlier today, we recorded a new episode of the show. The concept was put together less than 24 hours before the recording began, and the unintended guest only 3 hours prior. I had a brief Skype conversation with Tolu earlier today where she was forming Spanish babe - a language she has been forced to learn due to her ongoing sojourn in Chile. I told her about the episode and what we had planned for it and that was it.

I have to say, it wouldn’t have turned out to be as fun as it did without her on the show, and I’m glad we had that call. We played a game around places we have been to, companies we have worked with, and programming languages we have written in. Uzo’s choice to marry PHP still beats me, but as long as he fucks with Javascript, I guess I’m okay. Nobody cares about the old hag back at home, right?

I experimented with having background music throughout the episode and I think that turned out great. If I am to make any new year’s resolution, it would be to be more committed to making new episodes of the show, when we should. No more skipping weeks like we did in December. I sincerely apologize for that. Also, we will be seeing more of Tolu on the show. I believe we all made a great team and this decision would make for exciting episodes in the future. For the politically correct crowd, this would mean we are working on our gender diversity but fuck that.

You can listen to the episode here. Our longest so far, but I promise you recording it was an absolute blast, and so would listening.

We are very much open to feedback and look forward to engaging better with the community moving forward. Please share your thoughts on Twitter or anywhere else you see fit. The show is on Twitter as @crudcast, I can be reached at @0x, Uzo at @akamaozu, and Tolu at @tolularaa.

Stay happy and use a condom.


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