Taking my time

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for some time now. I really have no excuse. I’ll do my best to be more regular here now. But if the comments dont keep coming, I might just stop :). So y’all should try putting in some encouragement.

Just landed a new job at a web applications development firm in Victoria Island, North Ocean Ltd to be specific. It’s a relatively new company sha but its cool working with them. I’m currently the lead applications developer, hope to step up very soon.

A lot of things have happened to me in recent times. For instance, the girl i talked about previously, her name is Lara Oshibote. She’s acting strange nowadays. i really dont know what exactly is wrong but funny enough, I still feel I’m in love with her. I really hope her attitude to me will change soon.

Met this girl, Andoki Ibeshi… exactly a week ago online. She’s the daughter to one Hon. Emmanuel Ibeshi, a rep or something. Well, she’s cool and really fun to chat with altho she lied twice about her age to me. She’s probably still taking her time to trust me maybe.

Lastly, I recently started showing myself on the rap section of some Nigerian forum like that, nairaland.com to be specific. Entered in for a competition for the best rapper on that forum, you can check it out here. Hopefully, I should win sha! Abeg make una pray for me. My screen name there is Naijafan (just in case).

Wishing y’all a merry christmas and happy new year!


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